About Us

We are a professional suppliers and manufacturers of complete sets of equipment for designing and manufacturing lime hydrating machine, three stage lime hydrator and quick lime hydrating machine in China. Our company specializes in designing and manufacturing various equipment used in various factories and regions: environmentally friendly lime hydration system for lime chemical industry, calcium hydroxide production line, light-burned dolomite maturation production line, magnesium hydroxide production line, building material manufacturing production Equipment mining area production line, desulfurization equipment, calcium processor in sewage treatment, high-quality slaked lime production line, wet lime dust collector.
We have the right of import, export and agent, together with the research, design, manufacture and sale of accessory equipment and our product has gained great population all over the word.

  • In the construction of thermal power plant, the selection of dust removal device is mainly based on the selection of electrostatic precipitator and bag filter.

  • Dry type dust collector generally refers to the dust removal equipment working with filter bag, filter cartridge and other filter components. Dry type dust collector generally includes bag type dust c......

  • The common separator are cyclone separator, three separation separator, centrifugal separator, special separator for coal mill, special separator for calcium powder, etc. Later, a lot of high-efficien......