Which utilization ratio is higher between dry dust collector and wet dust collector


Dry type dust collector generally refers to the dust removal equipment working with filter bag, filter cartridge and other filter components. Dry type dust collector generally includes bag type dust collector, filter cartridge dust collector, pulse dust collector, etc. Wet dust collector is a kind of equipment which takes water as the main medium for dust removal. The water medium can be recycled to reduce pollution. Which one has high utilization rate?

In fact, the utilization rate of these two models is very good. The dry dust collector is higher than the wet dust collector in user choice, but the price of the wet dust collector is relatively cheaper. As long as the problem of circulating water is handled well, it is also a very good equipment. I believe that many people will know about the dry dust collector without more introduction. The performance characteristics have been introduced many times. You can read the previous articles. We can choose the right one according to the actual working condition.

Wet scrubber or wet dust collector includes Venturi wet dust collector and cyclone or centrifugal scrubber. They use the combination of water and air pressure to "scrub" the dust in the air. The scrubber uses various technologies to drive the dust through the water or spray, and then pushes the dust to the bottom of the tank, where it is separated by gravity and the dust can be moved to the storage container. In the case of a cyclone system, the water will drive the dust to the bottom, where it will settle down for cleaning.

Dry dust collector: NFPA defines dry dust collector as suitable for controlling combustible dust as cyclone and medium collector. These include bag filters, cartridge collectors and the like. The air separator collects dust through a baffle inlet, which forces the air through the filter medium, where it collects dust. The dust is then removed from the filter into the hopper or bag and then into the storage room and needs to be emptied periodically; the efficiency of the dry dust collection system depends on the filter and filter medium, air pressure, particle size and type of combustible dust.