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Three Stage Lime Hydrator
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Three Stage Lime Hydrator

Following client’s request, We supply lime hydration production line to produce calcium hydroxide powder, which is made up of three stage lime hydrator with lime dust filter and powder separation equipment and by proven technology we’ve build many projects in many countries with technical assistance on site.

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Product Description

Three stage lime hydrator

Following client’s request, We supply lime hydration production line to produce calcium hydroxide powder, which is made up of three stage lime hydrator with lime dust filter and powder separation equipment and by proven technology we’ve build many projects in many countries with technical assistance on site.

Three Stage Lime HydratorThree Stage Lime Hydrator


1.Product Parameter

Standard technology index


percent conversion: 95%

Retained moisture: less than 2%

Dustiness at the vent of dust collector: less than 30 mg/m3

Standard consumption (hydrated lime 95%,fluctuate against actual specification)

· Quicklime needed:  0.75t/every tone hydrated lime

· Water needed:  0.5m3/ every tone hydrated lime  


2.Product Feature And Application

New hydrator features

Experience says that the rate of temperature growth in the reactionchamber (hydrator) has a major impact on the finished product characteristics.

It is also apparent that finer sizes are reacting so quickly that the generated heat cannot be distributed/removed as fast as it would be necessary to avoid particles “burning” and the consequent delay in hydration (unless chemical additives are used to control the reaction development).

Therefore in the quest for finer particles production, an appropriate gradation must be selected in function of the available quicklime.

The effectiveness of the water distribution and product mixing in the first stage of hydration has also a notable importance.

Though the phenomena indicated above were well known from decades, a real break through was achieved when we were requested to meet the FGD lime quality standards with raw hydrate of good fineness directly out of the hydrating machine.

In this light new design featuring a more effective mixing and water distribution along with adequate instrumentation and a computerized control system to follow the reaction more closely, were developed.

With the past generation hydrators, water was fed at one point near the quick lime inlet mouth and the 1st stage mixing shaft was often rotating at a slow speed.


3.Product Details

Further stages of the hydrators provided further mixing for some more time (normally up to 15-20 minutes) in order to assure a complete reaction before discharging the material.

As you can seepicture below, in a modern hydrator, the lime is still fed in a single point at the hydrator inlet, on the contrary water is fed through a multi-point water distribution system over the first stage length.

Three Stage Lime Hydrator


Water is fed at relatively high pressure (0.6 MPa) and feeds specially designed nozzles which assure a good coverage of the entire chamber section.

Several thermocouples are also fitted in each stage in order to monitor in better detail the temperature profile of the reaction itself.

As a result, water distribution among the several spray points can be adjusted in function of the characteristics of the quick lime utilized and the resulting temperature profile.

The first stage design has evolved from a slow rotating (12-15 rpm) single shaft equipped with large paddles, to a twin counterrotating shafts arrangement, featuring overlapping short paddles, able to reach a speed up to 50-60 rpm .


It is the essential complement toMuding hydrators and

classifiers and can boast the specific advantage that all

solutions and features adopted and/or learned by the

Muding commissioning specialists worldwide, are

continuously incorporated in the newer releases.

In a few words it is a highly specialized, user friendly software,

developed by people who operate hydrators.

All meaningful process parameters are recorded and interact to

maintain stable operation conditions.

Start-up and shut-down operations are also automated.

Finally, the progress outlined in this presentation, is also the

result of a large number of field tests with theMuding pilot

hydrator, executed over the years, in collaboration with several

prominent Lime Producers worldwide.


4.Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Engineering services

We will supply the license, know-how and one set of engineering documents relevant to the proposed scope of work, as per following paragraphs.


- General

1 Plant lay-out drawings (with elevations) developed with the outline drawings of typical standard machines. In said lay-out, the outline drawing for silos, hoppers and chutes are indicated, to enable the Client their detailed engineering

2 Process flow diagram

3 Basic data and specifications of the machines to be directly purchased by Client

4 One-line drawing of utilities take over points

- Electrical equipment

5 P & I Diagram (Typical)

6 Instrument and sensors list

7 Motor list with indication of motor rated power, motor rated current and type of starting required

8 Functional description of the equipment supplied

9 Field equipment location (position of motors, instruments, sensors)

10 Process control description (Control strategy) to allow the realization of the automation (PLC) software by Others

11 Typical operator interface pages to allow the realization of the control (Man Machine Interface) software by Others


Assistance to erection and start-up and personnel training

We will make available the technical assistance during the erection, commissioning, start-up and Take-over Test of the plant to be calculated on man-day basis.

To reduce Customer costs, the permanence of our engineers at plant site may be on a discontinued basis. It is assuming that experienced and qualified companies carry out local works.

Three Stage Lime Hydrator


(1)How many days you need to install the equipment?

Generally speaking total installation period is about 30 days.

(2)How many staff abroad you sent to install the equipment?

Generally speaking we dispatch three engineers as interpreter, electrical engineer and one mechanical engineer.

(3)You have sales target finished amount requirement to the distributor?

Sales target should be one lime engineering project which about 200000 usd that could be our distributor.

(4)Can I transfer the money to you then you pay to other supplier?

We take charge to design and fabricate for customer.

(5)Can I delivery the goods from other supplier to your factory? Then load together?

Yes, could be.

(6)If OEM is acceptable?


(7)Can I only buy some spare parts from you?

YES, definitely could.

(8)How long it takes you to provide the designing options for us?

After discussion, we take one day to provide technical proposal.

(9)Can you can design the equipment according to our size?


(10)Can the equipment be installed under hot weather? And can Your products be installed under the cold weather?

Yes,it could be.

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